This is a page to keep track of interesting data, articles, books, etc that I find myself referring to over and over again. I mostly use it to avoid needing to search through google for the same articles over and over, but feel free to peruse if you'd like...




Reframing Health.
A good & brief framework for thinking about what 'health' means to people and the difference between how the healthcare industry thinks of health versus how an individual thinks of their health.

Google Ventures on OKRs.
Love this video for managers / leaders thinking about how to set goals for their team. The example given of the goals of a football team really resonates with me.
Better Care Playbook.
A series of resources on innovative care delivery models. Good examples for those thinking about new care delivery innovations to implement.
ROI for Primary Care.
A good read from PWC on how to demonstrate ROI for primary care models.
Framework for Insurers of the Future.
PWC framework for different ways that insurers can play in the future.
Invest in Lines Not Dots.
This is related to investing / fundraising advice, but I find interesting for relationships in general when thinking about who to work with.


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