About Me

I went camping in Glacier National Park May 2017, right after the news that Harken was shutting down and I began exploring what's next for me in life.

Hi! This is my home base for my musings while exploring my interest in new ideas across care delivery, digital health, and data analytics in health care.

I currently lead innovation for Allina Health, a health system in Minneapolis. For the few years before Allina, I worked leading population health, data analytics, and strategy for Harken Health - a 'startup' insurance company that integrated a direct primary care model into an Obamacare insurance plan that was attempting to be more consumer friendly.

Before that, I started Qualia Health, a digital health company that measured patient reported outcomes and integrated them into tailored chronic disease management programs via an app. We did some cool (and fun) stuff but never really figured out what we wanted to be when we grew up... which it turns out is a problem when you’re a startup that is burning cash without a real business model.

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I'll keep adding more to this as I go.



My Personality:

I've always been really curious about personality assessments and the like and have done a few over the years. I've found them to be pretty insightful. Thought I'd share them here in case you are interested...

My Top 5 Themes:
Achiever, Competition, Strategic, Relator, Self-Assurance
INTP (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving)
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
95% Compromising; 87% Collaborating; 69% Competing; 7% Accomodating; 6% Avoiding